Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Beautiful Jewel - Our First Blog!

Welcome to our Blog – A Beautiful Jewel!

Normally in this blog, I will be talking about beautiful jewelry, jewelry trends, jewelry designs and designers, and a little about the jewelry industry in general. I hope you will join me often.

Although I will mainly be talking about jewelry, I want to start out by talking about a book – a wonderful book - Called Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell.

If you are a business Owner or Manager, this book is a “Must Read”. If you are a regular customer of any business you will also enjoy this book. It is a book about building relationships between a business and its customers. It seems that every business states it has “great customer service”, but has anyone actually called you by name, met you at the door with joy, and gone above and beyond expectations to help you fulfill a need? It is soooo rare that these things happen. Hug Your Customers will really make you think about this, and with some dedication it will help businesses change their customer service from Good to Great (ok… that’s a plug for another of my favorite books!)

I hope during any interaction with our business, The Gem Collection, whether in store, online, or by phone, you are greeted with joy, and that we create a Joyous experience for you, which is our mission in life. Come here for Beauty, come here for Joy, come here for a Hug! We want your life and shopping experience to be easier & better.

Please let me know how we can make your life easier, send comments to me at

And now… I just must go hug somebody! J Dorothy