Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why Spiritual Beings Acquire "Things"

I've always thought of myself as a Spiritual Being, someone who values people, nature, and experiences way more than wealth or material things. So, I have often felt conflicted when I want some "thing" and very conflicted that my life's work has been to help others acquire "things", albeit beautiful things.

Lately I've come to terms with it, though. I've begun to realize that our craving to own a certain piece of art, jewelry, or other material thing isn't usually about greed or status, but for most of us, relates more to an emotion the material thing evokes in us. As I sit here writing this, I am wearing an antique diamond ring my Grandfather gave my Mother when she turned 16, and which she passed onto me when I turned 21. I only vaguely remember what my Grandfather looked like, but sometimes when I look at this ring, I can remember his smile, which was warm and lopsided. My Mother died last year, but I think of her whenever I put on this ring, which was a true gift of love to her, as her parents never had much money, and a great gift of love to me, as she passed on to me the memory of my Grandfather's smile and of course, her own.

Often the "things" we love most are not really "things" at all, but talisman which when seen or touched restore an emotion of love, security, or faith. Sometimes they bring back a dear memory that might otherwise drift away.

Another piece I am wearing today was a gift from my husband. It is an amazing enamel work of art by Designer Ricky Frank. I love Ricky's work, he is the finest enamellist I've ever seen, and his jewelry designs are always beautiful. But I wanted this particular piece because sometimes it looks like a dragon and makes me think of my Scandinavian family history and the great ships of the Norse, other times it just looks like a road running through a beautiful land, and up toward a sun and a starry night beyond. My usual vision when I wear this piece is that I think of my journey through life and on up to heaven. When I see it, when I touch it... I just feel happy and centered, now is that material or is it spiritual?

My wish for you, this Thanksgiving Day, is that through out your life you will find wonderful "things" that create memories for you and those dear to you. I hope you find "things" that remind you to be happy and remind you how much you are loved now and always.

From one Spiritual Being to Another - :) Dorothy