Monday, December 28, 2009

Which Designers Do You Love?

Which Jewelry Designers Do You Love?

I have a top ten list & you will no doubt hear about all of them... I am wearing a beautiful bracelet by Alex Sepkus ( It is 18k yellow gold with diamonds and purple saphires, so I am thinking lovely (& colorful) thoughts about this amazingly talented eccentric designer, who definitely marches to the beat of a different drum.

Born in Lithuania in 1954, Alex began working in jewelry and designing unique pieces while in his twenties. In the 1980's he applied for and received political asylum and moved to New York, where he opened a studio and designed his first collection of 18k gold and platinum jewelry. Alex's detailed work is often accomplished by using a microscope in order to finely texture the designs. Indeed, many of his most detailed pieces come with a miniature magnifying glass, so the purchaser can examine each curve and texture.

Sepkus' jewelry is often compared to the artwork of Gustav Klimt ( in the use of high color 18k yellow gold, combined with cascading colored stones and diamonds, both white and cognac in intricate geometrical designs, his patterns evoke the colors and designs used in "The Kiss" by Klimt. While this comparison has much merit, Sepkus is also inspired by nature and the running water, ponds, and stone structures surrounding his farm along the Hudson River.

Art, nature, with a little Art Nouveau and Deco thrown in, all my favorite theme. No wonder Alex Sepkus has made my top 10 list.

Which Jewelry Designers do you love? Why do they make your top 10 list?

:) Dory