Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Jewelry Consulting Service – Well Why Not?

Recently, I was reading a description of services from one of the top business consultants in our industry, and I thought “Wow, those services sound a lot like the ones we provide our clients every day at The Gem Collection”!

Every day we use our 30 years of experience in jewelry buying, appraising, trend spotting, custom designing, and client budgeting to fulfill our customer’s needs or dreams.

Unlike many consultants, though, we don’t charge fees for giving education and advice, only payment for the jewelry products or services rendered. We are often able to keep even these prices quite low through our vast industry connections with Jewelry Designers, Manufacturers, Stone Cutters, Refiners, and Skilled Craftspeople.

Every day our Gemologist, Buyers, and staff of Jewelry Professionals provide valuable education on many subjects as diverse as why a diamond with an EGL Lab Report may be priced thousands below a diamond of the same exact grades with a G.I.A. Lab Report, why a fine intense light blue sapphire may be much more valuable than a fine dark blue sapphire, or why fine rubies from Burma are unavailable at this time.

Through our varied connections we can answer most questions and help our clients find the perfect gift or wedding jewelry – from $30 Pandora beads to spectacular $30,000 engagement rings by Hearts on Fire. In fact on a recent visit to a New York diamond cutter, I held an elegant diamond crown and a 30 carat F color VVS1 round diamond. So, if anyone needs anything for a very special occasion… we will go out and get it!

I like the idea of being a Jewelry Consultant and making each client’s jewelry acquiring experience easy, comfortable, fun, and educational!

:) Dorothy