Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How To Care For Pearls

So many customers have asked us "How do you clean pearls safely?"

Here are some Do's & Don'ts :)

DO - Only clean pearls in jewelry cleaner marked "Safe For Pearls"! If you need a jar of safe jewelry & pearl cleaner, come by the store and we'll give you one :)

DO - Keep pearls in a soft cloth or pouch, DON'T store pearls in any air tight container, including safety deposit boxes for long periods of time. They can become dry and brittle.

DO - Put your pearls on AFTER using hairspray or perfume and letting it dry. Any kind of chemical or abraisive spray is not good for pearls.

DO - Have pearl strands restrung every 2 to 5 years depending on how often you wear them.

DON'T - Use a toothbrush, or any type of abraisive material to clean pearls.

DON'T - clean pearls in an ultra-sonic cleaner.

DON''T - steam clean pearls.

DO - wear your pearls, they go beautifully with most outfits, and with proper care will last for generations!