Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chi Galetea Huyhn Jewelry Designer: Creativity And Beauty Go Hand in Hand

One of the Most Creative Jewelry Artists I've ever met is Chi Galetea Huyhn.

Chi is a poet, a painter, a philosopher and a creative jeweler. He says " Jewelry, painting, and sculpture are all the same to me. It is all about seeing things. We often look at things, but we aren't always seeing." "To truly see is to close the door of one's own perception and open a new one."

Chi moved to the US when he was just 12 and couldn't speak English. His father was a jeweler, so he accompanied him to one of the largest jewelry shows, but he was sad when he saw that all the jewelry had a sameness about it. This is when he became determined to make jewelry that was new and different.

Chi says "Don't be afraid of failure - in fact, I don't even believe in that word. Each experiment teaches you something and those experiments are all successes."

Sometimes we are so careful not to fail, we teach our children this too. We are so careful, so safe that we fail at creating wonderul beautiful art and jewelry that truely speak to the soul. Thank you Chi for reminding us that it OK to stray from the safe path...sometimes it is more than OK, it is amazing!


Toss a pebble into pond
Watch the ring of water caressing the shore
I am a child
Each day Mother Earth
Secretly reveals a new word.


To see more of Chi's work and his inspirational sources please view the video.