Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Tallahassee Citrine Jewelry

Citrine is one of the birthstones of November, along with Precious Topaz. The word Citrine is derived from the Latin word for lemon. Because Citrine is the yellow or orange color variation of Quartz, Citrine crystals are more readily available and come in a much wider range of sizes than most gemstones. Gem quality Citrine can often be found in sizes of over 20CTW, and some Citrine can exceed eight pounds. Citrine is the most popular gemstone in today's jewelry market for the yellow and orange color range.

Tallahassee Citrine Cuff
We have a wide variety of beautiful Citrine jewelry at the Gem Collection, both in our store and on our Tallahassee Citrine Jewelry Gallery.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Staff Favorites: Michael Nicholson

Michael Nicholson: 200-03022

My favorite piece of jewelry at the Gem Collection is this incredible 10.79CTW Tanzanite ring. Tanzanite is an amazing and very rare gemstone that changes colors when light hits it at different angles. The masterful cut of this extravagantly large gem causes ripples of intense electric blue light to dance across the deep royal purple stone as one gazes at it from different angles. The Tanzanite stone is cradled by 18K White Gold, and adorned with 1.29CTW Diamonds and 0.36CTW Blue Sapphires that sparkle brilliantly in the light.

Tanzanite was only recently discovered in the 1960’s in the small East African country of Tanzania, which is the only place in the entire world where Tanzanite can be found. Because of unstable political and natural conditions surrounding Tanzanite mines, there is a very limited supply of this highly sought after gemstone available on the market.

A stunning Tanzanite stone of this size and quality is an extremely rare and valuable treasure well worth beholding with your own eyes.

- Michael Nicholson

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Staff Favorites: Dorothy Vodicka

Sydney Lynch Jewelry
Dorothy Vodicka: 240-02542

I love this bracelet because it is so unique and so comfortable! It bends to fit your wrist perfectly and there are no sharp edges. The garnet is a rose cut, meaning it is a faceted cabochon coming to a slight point in the center, much like diamonds were cut at the turn of the century. The bracelet top has a granulated surface and two champagne colored bezel set diamonds, which add a magical tribal priestess feel to the piece!

- Dorothy Vodicka

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Staff Favorites: Veronica Almarode

Alishan Jewelry
Veronica Almarode: 160-01323

I love Alishan! My favorite piece of jewelry has to speak to me and Alishan does on so many levels. I love the combination of old and new ideas in a unique piece of jewelry. You can tell this necklace is handmade in 18k yellow gold and oxidized silver with rose cut natural diamonds in a range of colors that make me smile. It has a strongly feminine and playfully seductive feel at the same time. I like that it will be a signature necklace for the lucky one who wears it. - Veronica